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Taking off from Astoria, Oregon
Flying over Crater Lake, Oregon
Navigating back from Reno, Nevada
Sunset on flight back from Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon

About TNG Aviation |

Making it easy to find quality flight instructors

TNG Aviation is an LLC started by Joe Echo-Hawk in 2007. Joe was an independent flight instructor looking to provide quality flight instruction in the Portland, Oregon area. TNG Aviation is now working to make it easy for people interested in aviation in other parts of the United States to find quality instructors in their area.

All of the instructors listed on the website, with the exception of Joe Echo-Hawk, are not employees of TNG Aviation, but merely references. These instructors have demonstrated effective teaching, ethical business practices, professionalism, a passion for aviation and instructing, and safe operating practices.

TNG Aviation is strictly in the business of offering flight instruction, ferry flights, and local photography flights. We do not operate as an air taxi or charter operation.

The instructors listed on TNG Aviation's website are there for your convenience to help aid in your search for quality instructors and finding a way to plug into the aviation community in your area. TNG Aviation seeks to refer only to responsible, safe instructors, but is not liable for any of the instructors listed, other than Joe Echo-Hawk.

Independent instructors will provide instruction, and rental airplanes are supplied by the local airfields in your area. The instructor representing your area will be able to provide the information on the airplane rentals.

Finding information on learning how to fly, where to learn, and tips on getting started are not always as easy to find as one might think. The TNG Aviation website aims to help make the flight instruction process easier, so that it can be a safe, fun, experience.






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