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Twin Oaks Airpark

Twin Oaks Airpark is a privately owned and operated airport that is open to the public and is located on the southern side of Hillsboro, Oregon. Twin Oaks has been owned and operated by the Stark family since 1972. Aircraft rentals, 100LL Avgas, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft hangars are all available. The airplane rentals are available for flight training and can serve the needs of anyone searching for flight schools in the Portland, Oregon area. Start at private pilot and continue on with instrument, commercial, and multi-engine training. CFI/CFII and MEI training is also available. Bi-annual flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, and high performance and complex endorsements are also available.


For Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine Flight Instruction, please contact:

Kelly Wiprud CFI, CFII, MEI, Airline Transport Pilot

| 503.348.2027 |


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Rental Fleet and Prices

Cessna 150

$90 per hour | 2 Seats

4 Cessna 150's | Cruise at 85 KIAS

All with GPS

Cessna 172

$125 per hour | Four Seats

3 Cessna 172's | Cruise at 105 KIAS

All of the 172s are IFR certified and are equipped with an IFR certified GPS

Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

$105 per hour | Two Seats

LSA/Sport Pilot Certified

Cruises at 105 KIAS | Glass Panel GPS

Piper Comanche 250

$185 per hour | Four Seats

High Performance and Complex (retractable landing gear) with IFR certified GPS and auto-pilot.

Cruises at 140 + KTS

CubCrafters SportCub S2

$114 per hour || Two Seats

Tailwheel, 100 HP, LSA Certified Light Sport

Cruises Low & Slow

Piper Geronimo Apache

Per Hour: $249 cash/check, $259 card

Four Seats

180 HP per side, IFR, Complex, Multi-Engine

Cruises 150 - 160 KTS

Piper Geronimo Apache Multi Engine Airplane Rental

PCATD Simulator

$35 per hour

Certified to fulfill Instrument Currency

Elite Simulator

*Aircraft rental prices include fuel, no hidden surcharges!

You are charged only for the time that the engine is running.

Location Address || 12405 S.W. River Road, Hillsboro, OR 97123 ||

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