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Joe Echo-Hawk CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, A&P

My Pledge to My Clients

Flight training is a big investment. As a former beginning pilot, I had a varying range of experiences, both good and bad, with flight training. Through the process of my training, and my experience of working as a CFI, I have developed a basic framework for what I think is an ethical expectation to hold up on my end as the CFI that you are hiring. I work hard at maintaining the following:

• An up-to-date curriculum that is both flexible to weather & student needs, but is complete, structured, and practical for covering all necessary topics.

• Communicating what is planned for in the upcoming lessons, and how my clients are expected to be prepared.

• Maintain my own proficiency and expertise in the areas I am teaching.

• Continually learn and upgrade my skills as a pilot so that I am able to offer a greater value to those who are hiring me.

• Act in a professional manner, be friendly, and ensure that my clients are satisfied with their training experience.

• When practical and possible, provide a training experience that addresses specific concerns and hopes my clients have in mind.

• Provide feedback to clients to show how they are progressing, area that need improvement, and where they are excelling.

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If you are interested in flying out of the Portland-Hillsboro Airport or Twin Oaks Airpark, please contact me directly at:

Joe Echo-Hawk || 503.852.1226 || || My Blog

I hold the following licenses, ratings, and endorsements:

• Commercial Pilot License Single & Multi-Engine Land, Single Engine Seaplane (Floatplane)

• Instrument Rated

• Certified Flight Instructor

• Certified Seaplane (Floatplane) Instructor

• Instrument Flight Instructor

• Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

• Advanced Ground Instructor

• Instrument Ground Instructor

• Licensed Airframe Mechanic

• Licensed Powerplant Mechanic

• High Performance/Complex Aircraft Endorsement

• High Altitude Operations Endorsed

• Tailwheel Endorsement

National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)


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