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Become a Commercial Pilot

Becoming a commercial pilot offers whole new possibilites for your flying career. Here are some benefits to deciding to pursue your commercial pilot license:

• You can be paid for your flying time. On top of being paid for your flying time, you will not be paying for the airplane, but will be logging time in your logbook.

• The skills you learn while pursuing your commercial pilot license will enhance your safety as a pilot.

• You will be able to control airplanes with greater skill and accuracy.

• You will be able to perform more advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures with greater confidence.

• The skills you learn will prepare you to carry passengers with more comfort and ease, which is to their liking.

• You will increase your knowlegde and understanding of aircraft systems.

• You will become endorsed to operate complex airplanes. (A high-performance endorsement may also be included depending on the type of airplane you train in.)

• You will learn many of the regulations and requirements about flight for hire, which will keep you flying legally and in good standing with the FAA.

• You may enjoy a decrease in your insurance rates if you own your own airplane.

• You will be able to offer your services to provide scenic flights, photography flights, ferry flights, and crop dusting to paying customers. You can also work for a skydive operation with nothing more than a commercial pilot license.

• Training for a commercial pilot license is not only very beneficial to your career and goals, but is an incredibly fun license to work towards!

• Even for those not planning on a career in aviation, holding a commercial pilot license looks very good on resumes.


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