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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get my commercial pilot license?

There are some variables with how you can go about getting your training for a commercial license. Depending on how you choose to train, the final price of a commercial license will vary. The costs of flight and ground instruction, checkride fees, books, test prep, and airplane rentals to receive the required instruction, can be estimated at approximately $6,500 - $7,000. Please refer to the pricing page for a more complete summary.

Does having my commercial pilot license mean I am able to fly jets?

Not exactly. A commercial pilot license allows you to fly for hire. There is no way to get a job flying jets or any of the airliners without having obtained a commercial pilot license. Just having the commercial license does not mean you can instantly get in the cockpit of a 737. Additional training and experience is required above just having a commercial license. However, there is no possibility of being hired for a flying job without a commercial pilot license on your resume. It is a legal requirement set forth by the FAA.

Do I have to have my instrument rating to be able to get my commercial pilot license?

No. You can take the test for becoming a commercial pilot without having already obtained your instrument rating. However, the commercial pilot license will have some restrictions on it. Since there is a requirement to log 250 hours of total time before you can test for your commercial license, most people work on their instrument rating while they are accumulating those hours in their logbook. This method makes the most sense financially for most people. However, it is not required to have your instrument rating before testing for your commercial pilot license.

What is the best way to build the 50 hours of required cross-country time that I need for a commercial pilot license?

There are many different ways to go about building your cross country time. If you are on a set budget, I recommend coming up with a plan before you get too far into your cross country time. This plan really should be formed before you start working on your instrument time since you need 50 hours of cross country time for your instrument rating.

Will we do very much instrument work while I work on my commercial license?

For a single-engine commercial pilot license, there is no instrument requirement to meet. If you are planning on adding on a multi-engine commercial license, you can plan on doing some instrument work during the multi-engine training.

Can I fly multi-engine airplanes after I get my commercial pilot license?

Having the privilege to fly a multi-engine airplane means that you need to have training specific to multi-engine airplanes. If you already have a single-engine commercial pilot license, it is just some additional training to add on a multi-engine license. It may be possible to take your single and multi-engine commercial pilot test in the same day!

I'm not planning on flying for a career. Is there any benefit to me if I get my commercial pilot license?

Definitely! Training for a commercial pilot license will increase your ability to control the airplane in everyday flying conditions, emergency situations, and more advanced flying scenarios such as short field and soft field operations. Part of obtaining your commercial pilot license involves becoming endorsed for complex airplanes, which offers a fun, and new challenge for many people. If you own your own airplane, you may be able to benefit from reduced insurance premiums. On top of all of that, a commercial pilot license looks great on a resume and can give you a very competitive edge in interviews and the workplace. Having the confidence that comes from receiving additional training will be something you and your passengers appreciate.

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