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Taking off from Astoria, Oregon
Flying over Crater Lake, Oregon
Navigating back from Reno, Nevada
Sunset on flight back from Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon

Aircraft Ferry Services | Contract Pilot Services | Nationwide USA

Based in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

We specialize in delivery of light single and multi-engine piston powered airplanes throughout the U.S. Our home base of operations is out of the Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington areas. If you need a plane delivered to or from these area we are a convenient and reliable choice for meeting your needs. We also have a network of airline pilots available who would be able to offer services throughout the country and minimize your cost in pilot transportation.

Some brief details about our services:

• We offer nationwide airplane ferry service.

• Our pilots are experienced, highly trained, and most are licensed mechanics.

• Pilot expenses such as flight planning materials, fuel, oil, lodging, food, and return trip airfare will be provided by the client.

• Weather permitting, we commit to a full 8 hours of flying per day.

• We care about our customers and their airplanes. We give position reports throughout the ferry trip. Our pilots will keep a log of all discrepancies that they find during the trip and provide you with this information upon completion of the flight.

• Our pilots are all current and licensed Certified Flight Instructors, and upon request will provide you with a complete transition training program upon completion of the flight at normal instruction rates.

Your main contact regarding airplane ferry services is:

Joe Echo-Hawk | | 503.852.1226




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