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Instrument Rating Program | General Overview

Why do you need an instrument rating?

• An instrument rating allows you to fly in the clouds.

• You are free to reach destinations reliably even in adverse weather.

• You are safer when a VFR flight has deteriorating weather by being able to "go IFR."

• You have more knowledge and skill dealing with ATC and radio communications.

• Your knowledge of navigation is greatly increased.

• You have more ability to fly with precision.

• Your knowledge and understanding of weather is enhanced.

• Vacations, business trips, and routine flights can be planned and executed more frequently than VFR flights, all to the satisfaction of your clients, passengers, and the individuals receiving you at your destination.

• Enjoy reduced insurance premiums if you own your own aircraft.

• An instrument rating increases your knowledge, confidence, ability, and margin of safety.

• Commercial pilots are no longer limited to excercising the privileges of their license within a 50nm radius.

• Instrument ratings reduce pressure to scud run, and continue into deteriorating weather under VFR.

• Instrument ratings provide the ability to truly excercise the freedoms and practicality that aviation has to offer. You will learn "go / no-go" decision making skills, and begin to understand the full capabilities of what an airplane can do in your life.


What are the minimum requirements to become instrument rated? Click here.


Instrument Rating Overview | Instrument Rating FAQ's | Eligibility & Requirements | Pricing

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