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Instrument Rating Program Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an instrument rating cost?

Giving accurate quotes for instrument ratings can be difficult due to the many variable that are involved with how someone decides to go about actually obtaining their instrument rating. For the most complete breakdown and explanation, please refer to the instrument rating pricing page.

Can I really fly inside clouds with an instrument rating?

Yes! An instrument rating allows you to fly a properly equipped airplane inside clouds from shortly after takeoff until you are on your final approach for landing.

What are some things that I will learn? What skills improve with an instrument rating?

An instrument rating will increase your skill and ability in many areas. To name a few, navigation, aircraft control, ATC procedures, multi-tasking, and confidence as a pilot will all be strengthened. In addition, an instrument rating will teach you much about aircraft systems, weather, and the abilities that your airplane has available to you.

Will I get "actual" experience in IMC conditions with your instrument program?

Yes! If there are actual IMC (cloudy days) I encourage flight into those conditions assuming they are prudent and safe conditions to be flying in. There is nothing like the real thing for teaching and preparing someone to become in instrument rated pilot. Obtaining your instrument rating in the Pacific-Northwest is a great way to really learn about actual IMC. Flight lessons that are conducted in actual conditions will be a great benefit and resource for you to draw upon when after you become an instrument rated pilot flying on your own.

I need 50 hrs of cross-country time for my instrument rating. What is the best way to build that time?

For those of you planning to continue on with your training and obtain a commercial pilot license, it can be a wise move on your part to plan out your cross country time while you are working on your instrument rating. For more information about planning your cross country time, click here. For those of you not planning to continue on with a commercial license, there is not too much planning you need to do.

Is an instrument rating a difficult license to obtain?

Yes. An instrument rating is well worth the investment it takes to obtain it, however, it is definitely going to cost you time and money. Being a safe and properly trained instrument pilot involves a substantial amount of work when it comes to reading and studying the materials on the related topics. There is another written knowledge test, just like when you were working on your private license. The amount of material that is new in your learning process is comparable to the amount of material you learned while working on your private pilot license. An instrument rating is by no means easy, but it is an incredibly rewarding accomplishment that opens up your flying to truly amazing possibilities.


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