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Become a CFI - Certified Flight Instructor

Becoming a CFI offers whole new possibilities for your flying career. Here are some benefits to deciding to pursue your license to become a Certified Flight Instructor:

• The skills and knowledge you obtain from obtaining and using your CFI license is invaluable in both a career in aviation and many other areas in life. For example, to name just a few of the skills you will learn:

- The ability to analyze how best to communinicate topics to both individuals and groups in the way that will reach them best.

- Invaluable skills and experience interacting with groups and individuals from all walks of life, allowing you to make contacts, friends, and clients in the most unexpected places.

- For more independent CFI's, small business skills and techniques are learned and exercised through the course of offering your services as a flight instructor.

- CFI's learn how to handle situations one-on-one that can be fun or stressful depending on how the CFI approaches it. Learning to asses clients to see comfort levels, knowledge levels, ability, and then proceed with your training program in a way that provides the most positive outcome and experience will prepare you for a career in aviation, or a manager or CEO in many different walks of life.

- CFI's get to be paid to learn about aviation. There is so much to know, and the only way to learn it is to deal with it day in and day out, training individuals on how to fly safely will allow you to fine tune your flying skills and own book knowledge related to aviation in a way that no other career can.


• You can be paid for your flying time and instruction time. On top of being paid for your flying time, you will not be paying for the airplane, but will be logging time in your logbook.

• The skills you learn while pursuing your CFI ticket will enhance your safety and knowledge as a pilot.

• You will be able to control airplanes with greater skill and accuracy.

• You will be able to perform more advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures with greater confidence.

• The skills you learn will prepare you to carry passengers with more comfort and ease, which is to their liking.

• You will increase your knowledge and understanding of aircraft systems.

• You will become endorsed that you have been instructed in spin recovery.

• You will learn many of the regulations and requirements, which will keep you flying legally and in good standing with the FAA.

• Training for a CFI ticket is not only very beneficial to your career and goals, but can be an incredibly fun license to work towards!

• Even for those not planning on a career in aviation, holding a CFI ticket looks very good on resumes.


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