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Servant Wings

Preparing Pilots & Mechanics for Worldwide Service

Servant Wings Missionary Aviation Pilot & Mechanic Training

Our Purpose
To provide the mission aviation agencies with pilots and mechanics that are well equipped for the task of serving Christ with aviation.

Our Vision
To facilitate prospective mission aviators in getting the needed experience that qualifies them to apply for field service with a mission aviation agency without adding debt. This requires that we provide training in subsidized aircraft and work experience in the aviation industry.

The Aviation Mission
To bridge barriers to remote peoples so that the message of Jesus can be heard worldwide.

Flight Training

Flight school for the Mission Pilot.


Mechanic Experience

Hands-on experience to increase your skills as an A&P.



Learn & grow side by side other like-minded individuals.


Servant Wings is a non-profit organization committed to preparing pilots and mechanics for service in Mission Aviation. Based in Vancouver, WA, which is located just 15 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, Servant Wings is in a prime location to conduct flight training in operations in a wide variety of environments and weather.

In addition, Portland offers an excellent option to obtain your A & P (Airframe & Powerplant) Mechanic certificates at Portland Community College.

Looking for a good place to gain some biblical knowledge? Multnomah University is a Bible college & seminary that offers top notch biblical teaching and is located in Portland, just 15-20 minutes from the home base of Servant Wings.


For more information please visit the following links:

Servant Wings Official Homepage

MAF Homepage

Multnomah University

Portland Community College A&P Program


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